Hello, this is Hazel from Malaysia!

Introduce yourself to the group. Talk about your experience traveling the world, your experience with travel hacking and your experience with earning location independent income through work or an online business.

Hello, this is Hazel from Malaysia!

PostPosted by hazel0513 » Wed Feb 01, 2017 1:45 am

Hello group!

This is Hazel from Malaysia. I like Kendrick's idea on bringing like-minded people together to explore the different ways of traveling cheaper and longer. Thanks Kendrick!

A quick intro about myself first:

I was born and raised in Malaysia, and moved to Singapore to study when I was 18. I lived and worked there for 12 years before I quit my job on July 2016 (now you know my age, haha!)

I started travel when I was an undergraduate but no trip was longer than a month. Therefore, I consider last year a great achievement because I spent 6 months visiting several countries: Russia - Mongolia - China - Nepal - Thailand - Sri Lanka, while working on the road like a digital nomad.

Currently I am back home for celebrating Chinese New Year with my family.

My travel goals for this year:

1. Traveling to Eastern Europe for 6 months. If I do complete this goal, it is going to be another great achievement to me! Throwing myself out there to travel solo in Europe is a challenge in several aspects: higher living cost, new environments, different cultures, languages, people... I am finding ways to live and travel cheaply + working opportunities (short & long term) in Europe to support this travel goal. I welcome any tips here!

2. Work + travel in Canada. I've heard a lot of good things about this country, from interesting attractions to friendly locals and much more (including the frequent flyer perks Kendrick talks about all the time haha), so I am considering it as the next city/ country to work and live for long term.

I work as a freelancer now, but I am also interested in "getting hired" or work remotely if I manage to find an interesting team or company.

Just like how I moved to Singapore 12 years ago, I want to experience a new lifestyle by living in a new country once again.

What I think I can bring to the table for this group:

I self-taught myself web design and ebook publishing - and currently offer them as a freelancer. If you're a blogger, author, coaches or consultants, I can help to build a web presence that brings you more leads and clients. Feel free to ask me anything about web design and ebook publishing.

As a freelancer or entrepreneur, I also feed myself with tons of business and marketing knowledge. When it comes to working for yourself (digital nomad, freelancer or whatever you call it), you need skill to deliver your service (for ex: web design) + skill to sell your service.

I am not making millions from my freelancing career, but I have been through quite a lot in this topic and still learning and growing everyday.

If you get stuck in starting your freelancing business, I have things to share. Feel free to ask me anything about freelancing and starting an online business too.

That's it for now. I look forward to meet more like-minded people in this forum. :D
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